Industry: Video games
Founded: 2012
Country of origin: Sweden
Hedemora, Dalarna, Sweden
Area served: Worldwide


Killmonday Games is a Swedish video game developer based in Hedemora.

The company was founded in 2012 in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm by the married couple Natalia Martinsson (CEO, Creative Director, Animator, Writer) and Isak Martinsson (CTO, Game Designer, Programmer, Composer).

The studio is best known for creating story-driven games, portraying dark thought-provoking themes from a child-like viewpoint, as well as mixing creepy with cute art styles.

Their main titles include Fran Bow (2015) and Little Misfortune (2019).

The fictional characters of Killmonday Games are settled in a shared universe known as The Ultrareality, consisting of five realities which together constitute F.R.E.E (Five Realms of Essential Existence). In the game Little Misfortune, an additional realm was introduced, known as “The Beyond”.

The name ”Killmonday Games” was chosen by Natalia and Isak as they started the company while still working on their regular day jobs, and thus they were limited to creating games in their spare time, mostly on the weekends. The couple explained that “when Monday showed up we were always angry of it”, and from there the name of the company was born.