Hello sweethearts!

Welcome to the announcement of the video game


*throws glitter*  

We can’t put into words the love and the hype we feel for this title !!!!!

It’s kind of a little present life given to us in a very stressful time.

It was January 2017, when Isak and I were feeling for writing something new. Back then, we were prototyping another video game, Different Galaxy, which we still want to do, but we realized we needed way more funds than expected. And because of that, we decided to do something we could afford and that it would be doable by two people.

A fun fact is that the entire game is connected to the Fran Bow universe, so we will be able to learn some more about it.
The game is also very inspired by the new town we moved into at the end of 2016.

The Little Misfortune story grew so much on us, that we saw more possibilities than we anticipated and at the end, we have been even adding voice acting, recorded at a very nice studio with very good actors. And secondly, we are working with another company (Lilla Syster) for the 2D animated “dream sequences” in the game.
Isak is also getting in contact with musicians to record some of his compositions for the video game. And the music will be properly mastered this time! YAY!

We can’t wait for the day of release, which hopefully is early /middle 2019, and of course, we really are loving the process of making this game.
Isak and I have laughed, cried and gotten so much stronger as a company while developing this game. We have been learning new techniques of communication and creation which allow us to understand way better our own reality, and that makes us better at being creatives! 🙂
We needed to make this announcement because we need the emotional support, you guys! We are emotional beans :3

The next deadline we have for you is November 2018.
Where we will be sharing an in-game gameplay trailer and some more information about release and how the process of development is coming along.

Thank you for reading and your constant care and support <3

Loves you,


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