Hello sweeties! ✨💕
Another year has passed and it is now time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Fran Bow! Talk about crazy!! 😱
To celebrate the anniversary we have put together a giveaway for you guys!! 🎉🥳

You can participate from 27th AUG – 3rd SEP
The winners will be announced on the 4th SEP .

IMPORTANT! We will contact the winners on the set date
ONLY from the @killmondaygames social media accounts. We will NOT require you to click any links! 

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE! 🌍
Everyone can be part of it!!! 💖🌟

NOTE: The prizes will be sent as a gift from our end, and if your country has specific rules regarding paying for customs for incoming packages from other countries, we encourage you to look them up before entering the giveaway. We don’t pay for the extra customs fees.

👉 Go to the Fran Bow 8th Anniversary Giveaway post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok

👉  Make a comment on the giveaway post of your fondest moment while playing Fran Bow.

👉 Like and Retweet/Share the giveaway post on the social media you entered the giveaway.

👉  Follow @Killmondaygames on the platform you entered the giveaway.
Example: If you leave a comment on the giveaway post on Instagram, you will need to follow us on Instagram.

On the 4th SEP, 3 winners will be announced. 
The prizes include:

  • Palontras plushie ( Height: 11.5cm Length: 50cm )
  • T-shirt (Fran Bow All-stars) 
  • Itward Pin 
  • Fran Bow character stickers 
  • Fran Bow game key (PC, Steam)

The Winners of the giveaway are: 

  • @ sofijaskaro, Instagram
  • @ hungry_otaku, Twitter
  • @ punkareno, Tiktok

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Thank you for playing with us!💕