Free Games

Jolly Balls

Mr. Red Jolly Balls

Mr. Red’s Jolly Balls is a third-person, single-player platformer. Sneeble Snowball knocks on Mr. Red’s door for help! The Evil Gnomes and The Nutkraken have taken all the presents out of the Christmas Stockings! And The Snowball Family is very sad about it. Help Sneeble and the cute Snowballs to put back those presents in those stockings, for the children. The game was done in only two weeks.

All donations given to us for the game, during December 2019, was given away to the Water Project.

Mr.Red Adventure

Mr.Red’s adventure in The Missing Balls

Mr. Red’s adventure in The Missing Balls is a fun and hard platformer where you play as the red hand puppet Mr. Red and try collecting the 24 lost balls scattered through 14 levels of Christmas joy and evil gnomes. And it has a final evil boss that holds the last ball of them all… Warning! This game is PERMADEATH! So beware! And it will be free since it’s Christmas!

Candy puppet saga

Candy Puppet Saga

Candy Puppet Saga is a game that was made in a weekend for Candyjam.

Kill candy, earn money, kill more candy, earn more moneeeeeey! But it’s all because Mr. Red wants to open a candy store!