Happy First Anniversary Little Misfortune!

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by Natalia Martinsson

How it all started…

It was January 2017. Isak and I had moved recently to a tiny town in Dalecarlia, Sweden.
⛄ One cold winter night, Isak and I were laying on the sofa, talking about new projects for the future. All of the sudden one of us, looked through the window and saw a fox, minding his own business.
Day after day, the same fox would walk through our window at the same time, so we started to talk and speculate its routines and reasons of why that fox was there. 🦊

The story started to grow for everyday…
One day, I asked Isak to write down the ideas, so we could later on, maybe, make a game based on this. 🎮

But the idea turn out a little different. When Isak shared that very first draft, we knew we had to evolve it and make it into a whole game.
We spend around 1 year evolving that first draft that was around 8 pages, until it became the final script, around 240 pages. 📑

“…games take so much time to do, that I had to turn down lots of interesting opportunities”

To put you in perspective, I had some weeks before that first draft, been complaining about not having the time to do acting jobs. Before making games, I was suceeding quite well in my acting career and I was having lots of fun. But games take so much time to do, that I had to turn down lots of interesting opportunities. 💔

Going back to the story; there she was, the little lady… a character based on many of my atributes, background stories and flaws.
Isak wanted to highlight all my weirdness and cutenes, since I was feeling so down. And he suceeded to make me feel really appreciated. 🥰

At the beginning I didn’t want to voice the character Misfortune though… I had so many issues with my accent and the fear of people critizing it, left me paralized. 😓

Isak asked me then to at least record the lines for placeholders, to help him better code the game and I accepted. Through that process, we found the voice!
Isak was completely sure that I was the right person for the role!
It took me a lot of courage to actually accept the challenge he was gifting me and I’m beyond thankful for Isak pushing me to do it. 😎

“I’m so happy with all the love we have received”

Now, we are one year in after the first release on PC and I can only say that I’m so happy with all the love we have received.
Reading comments on the social medias about fans loving the voice and the acting had made me stronger and I will be forever thankful. 🙏

As a celebration, we did a video with both Henrik Norman (Mr. Voice) and I, answering some of the fans questions! I hope you can check it out. 🎬

Thank you Little Misfortune! ✨🎃

Sincerely yours,