Little Misfortune Mobile – OUT NOW!💖

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Let’s make the screens sparkle, because today Little Lady Misfortune is entering the mobiles! ✨ We are so excited!!!

Little Misfortune is an interactive story, focused on exploration and characters, both sweet and dark, where your choices have consequences.

Starring Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, an imaginative 8-year-old, who seeks the prize of Eternal Happiness, as a gift to her Mommy. Led by her new friend, Mr. Voice, they venture into the woods, where mysteries are unraveled and a little bit of bad luck unfolds.

Sharing the same universe with the cult video game Fran Bow, created by the visionary dev-duo Killmonday Games.


⦁ You may pet a doggy, a fishy, a wolfie, the Kraken, the kitty and the foxy.
⦁ Visit a pet cemetery with a shovel.
⦁ Now with real human voices: Hear Misfortune say some pretty cute things!
⦁ Missing children.
⦁ There’s a monster!
⦁ Fall in love.
⦁ Commit petty crimes.
⦁ Original art by Natalia Martinsson.
⦁ Original soundtrack by Isak Martinsson.

Little Misfortune Mobile Trailer.

The game can be purchased from App Store and Google Play.


If you wonder in what kind of mobiles the game works fine on, for Android we recommend to have a Processor Exynos 9820 RAM 8 GB or similar. For iPhones we recommend Iphone 8 and up. 

At a personal level, this has been a long journey presenting many challenges along the way. We’ve had many technical issues developing the mobile version for Little Misfortune, which ended up delaying the entire process by 4 months (more about that here.)

Finally being able to release it, feels like letting go of a huge pressure that’s been weighing down our shoulders the last couple of months.

We did it! And we’re so happy with the result! ❤