” Killmonday Games dream is to make games with personal stories attached to them, creating immersive worlds filled with mystery, feelings, and fun. The biggest focus lies in storytelling and making a personal connection to the players and the game ”

Every person carries within a powerful tool of leadership. You are creative, fun, intelligent, beautiful, and ready to learn something new every minute. You also carry within fears, feelings of insecurity, and bad habits that can guide you to fail or succeed, depending on how much you are ready to focus on.

You and only you can take you, where you want to be. Leaving fears and insecurities behind is not easy, it can get quite painful while trying, but when we do succeed, we are free from the pain! And once we truly understand this power, we are unstoppable.

WE are Killmonday games!

We are here to achieve incredible things. We are here to help each other grow. We are here to fight for a better way of communication and workflow.

We are here to leave behind a valuable game that will entertain while also giving a life-changing perspective.