Hello sweeties! 😀

It’s Natalia! I  wanted to share with you a quick overlook about the process of the “secret game”.
If you follow us on our social media, you might already know many of the points that I’m about to describe, since we have been sharing constantly what we are up to.

It has been a roller-coaster of feelings and overall an awesome development experience, Stress has taken us by surprise quite many times, but I think we have been a lot better managing it, and  going  back into a relax mode quite fast. And the best way to do it is, being aware of what your head and body is trying to tell you and make the changes needed to please the body! <3 Works everytime 🙂

The “secret game” will be revealed this year, but we still have no dates of release. We are working really hard to get things done for the revealing.
But we have come across some problems that have delayed some of the work… Typical game development! 🙂
The voice recordings were a lot more work than we anticipated, since the only experience we had were short aninmations and short games, we miscalculated deadlines.
But that’s how we learn! So we are quite happy anyways!
At the beginning of the development we thought of adding two extra months of development in case of delays, sickness etc. So in the big picture, we are still inside the frame.

The voices were recorded in Stockholm at Lillasyster production studios. They were super nice people! Jakob and Sandra are the technicians that helped us record the voices, so we are very thankful for their cooperation.

I also need to thank big time to Henrik Norman for his amazing acting!  Thanks to Eva Maria Oria also for her input.

Isak and I still working on our basement editing the voices. There is a lot to choose from! We  need to cut, decide which line will be in the game and check every single little puff or weird sound that it might came across the recording, so it’s taking a while… but we are almost there!
Here is a video of the trip to Stockholm and the studio. (Please note that the secret game is not called Stockholm, I realized there was some of you that got that mixed up. I’ll try better next time with the naming of our videos!)

In this longer process of voice editing, we have been switching workplace with Isak sometimes, so we don’t need to burn ourselves working on the basement,  every day.
Sometimes I go to the office and get some artwork done.
I’m happy with the results, the colors and the shapes of this game are really beautiful and I can’t wait to share my work with you!
Isak has been also making music and well, he’s doing awesome work. It’s gonna be a quite varied OST and I can’t wait to know what you think about it!
The game in itself is completed in Alpha stage and it has around half of beta assets in the game already,

Alexandra, “the Shadow”  is working very hard on the port of Fran Bow for consoles, but still we can’t really tell a date of release on consoles.

I’m also putting together some merchandise! I’m using my off nights to design them and I’m having a blast doing it, but sadly it goes a little slow since I have so little time.

I think that’s all.

We got also an address if you are interested in sending us your super cute letters or whatever you feel for… We do not accept though body parts or  blood… Mainly because we would probably use it in our rituals… Just joking… or not.
Thanks to those sweeties that already sent us some awesome artwork. <3 We really appreciate it. And I can’t thank you enough for letting us know that our game has inspire you!

Here’s the adress:

Killmonday Games Fan-mail
Åsgatan 63, 77631

Time for me to go back to work!
I love you very much and wish you the best time!
Remember to be aware, keep growing and always be the best you can! <3

Love and lots of hugs!

Natalia (Martinsson…. Yeah now I’m officially a Martinsson!)

PD1: Isak says hi from the basement…
PD2: Mr Red got a cowboy hat…. and he loves it…