Hello sweet friends!
It’s Natalia! ✌

Have you heard the news? 😀
Little Misfortune is coming out on September 18, 2019!! ✨❤🎉
We hope you are equally excited as we are for the PC release!

It has been 2 years and 9 months of production and the entire journey has been a delight.
We have cried, laughed, panicked, learned but most of all we have been thankful for every new experience poured into production.
Little Misfortune has taught us so much, life-wise, game design-wise and technological-wise!!!!

Along the journey, the community has been growing strong and we love it! We are very lucky to have you around, thank you all! 🙌✨💖

The Hype Is Here!

Good things happened with the revealing of the date, many new friends in the community and we got really surprised by how many magazines online wrote about the release date!

Here are a few:

Eurogamer: Fran Bow dev’s adorably macabre narrative adventure Little Misfortune is out this month

Rockpapershotgun: Eternal happiness awaits when Little Misfortune arrives later this month

Gamekult: Le sinistre Little Misfortune tentera sa chance fin septembre

Gamereactor: Killmonday datiert Little Misfortune auf 18. September

FZ: Fran Bow-duons makabra Little Misfortune släpps om ett par veckor

And there are a lot more! Incredible, isn’t? 😍

Mobile And Console Versions

We will be releasing the game for both Google Play and AppStore shortly after release. We are aiming for October.
The consoles are still a mystery for us, since is our first time working with them. At least we know Nintendo Switch can happen earlier than Xbox and Playstation, since we already started to check on code for Nintendo Switch.
Let’s hope we can deliver all before 2019 ends.

Where can I buy the game?

You will be able to get the game on Steam, Gog, Origin (Link coming later) and Humble Store.
Remember to wishlist if you can! 🎁

Price And Currencies

💸 Here’s the pricing list in some different currencies. Note that each store will have them in your specific currency.

USD:  19.99
EUR: 16.79
GBP: 15.49
AUD: 28.95
BRL:  37.99
MEX: 185.99
RUB: 435.00


Mature from ESRB and 16 from PEGI.
Remember these are always a recommendation.
The game got this rating because there is swearing and drug use.

Fancy Edition✨You can also expect a Fancy Edition of the game, which will include the Original Soundtrack by Isak J Martinsson, the Digital Art-book and 3x Wallpapers of the main characters.
The price for the Fancy Edition is 29.99 USD.

And that’s all the news we have to share with you!
I hope you have a great weekend and that you spend your time doing something valuable for you. Happy fun times!

Peace and love out happy! ❤