Fran Bow was primarily thought as a game we wanted to do for Androids.

We believe android gamers (and us, since we don’t own iphones) should be able to play more games made with love, sweat, and without the milking of micropayments that are so over popular in mobile games nowadays. There are some great games there but they are so hard to find!

Fran Bow might not be the game you play for 5 minutes on the bus, instead, it’s more like a game you play for 30 minutes instead of working. So it’s not a game aimed at the mainstream audience.

Later on we found out about the different sites for indie games and steams greenlight so it will also be released on PC! Mainly because we can do it. If we ever earn anything from it we will make it available for iOS and the rest also. Right now all our budget went into buying GM:Studio with the android module.

We are doing in with Game Maker Studio and that has it restrictions, like not being able to use the 2gb extension files google has to offer. While it’s a terrible limit to make the game less than 50mb it’s also a very good thing. Having limits to make your game really pushes the creative problem solving!

Everything in Fran Bow is hand drawn, trying to make it look like a painting. The programs used is Photoshop and GIMP for the graphics and AnimeStudio for the animations.

Up until now we are almost done with the first chapter of five. It has been a tough first chapter since it also included coding the engine and the making of lots of graphics but as soon as we are done with it we can start powermaking the remaining chapters! We are hoping it will all come together in about six months.

That’s the first diary of Fran Bow!
Thank you for reading!

/Isak & Natalia