We have decided to turn up the development of Fran Bow to maximal and after the respons we have had we found out that it might not be a good idea to show more goodies for a while. Mostly because we need to be focused and make the game that we want to play! The sudden positive respons kind of gives mixed feelings that we didn’t have before, and that could impact the game itself.

We are soon moving over to the next chapter and all the chapters are pretty much done in papers. We will also start looking into when the game will be done, so we can estimate it’s release and plan for a nice weekend of slacking.

There will be updates about the game while we are going forward but not as much! We are in no-life mode right now, and that’s the best mode to be in! When making the game.

May the coffee be with you all.

/Isak & Natalia

This is our workspace, the cat is our backup programmer when Isak fails.