The secret game and our new workplace!

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Hello sweet cuties!

We hope you are feeling awesome!

We are doing pretty good and we’re really excited for all the things that we have been doing.
At the moment the development of “the secret game” is going great!
Isak as usually is taking care of the programing and music.
Since we changed from Game Maker to Unity, Isak has got some stuff to learn but it looks like he is all in with Unity!
And I, Natalia, I’m taking care of the design, art and animations.
This time Isak and I has been co-writing the story, so it’s quite new to us, but it came along excellent and we can’t wait to write more games together.

The “secret game” is in it’s alpha state from beginning to end and we hope to reveal it early 2018.
It has been a crazy, exciting and fun journey to create this new game and we can’t wait to share it with you.

And if you haven’t heard already, we moved to a new place to work. This is our first office and we can’t thank enough to all of you that has been supporting us with buying our game, since that’s the only reason why this kind of things can happen! <3 We love you so much.
The new place is really cozy and the work flow is pretty awesome too.

About Fran Bow, we have also some pretty cool news! The game is currently being ported to another engine, which will allow us to fix the biggest technical issues with the game. It will also allow us to make Fran Bow available on consoles and to add new translations!!

We also have a new member in Killmonday Games, her name is Alexandra and it’s she who is helping us with the port of Fran Bow 🙂
At the moment we are also working with Christian to get the best sound design for “the secret game” and hopefully soon I get to work with an awesome artist to help me to get the “secret game” done! 😀
I think that’s all!

We hope you have a nice time, we love you very much <3
Natalia and Isak

PS: Here’s a video just for you 😀