Hello Hi!
Angelika here! (^v^)/

I have always loved to draw from an early age but I started my professional art journey at the age of 18. I decided to follow my passion and give it my all because it was the only thing I wanted to do. Almost my entire life I have battled with insecurities about myself and my art – that soul-eating feeling of never being good enough – so it was tough for me. Sometimes I felt very mentally drained and even felt like quitting. However, my fear of not working with something creative was too strong so I kept pushing.

One day when I was feeling rather blue, I came across a video on YouTube made by Markiplier where he was playing a point-and-click game called Fran Bow. I was hooked!

Fanart made by Angelika back in 2016

I bought the game and played it! The story, art, music, the mood, and all the scariness were a combo I really loved. It moved me creatively and made me want to work with Killmonday someday, or at least meet them and thank them for an amazing game!

Some years passed and I wanted to apply for an internship at Killmonday Games but was almost convinced it was a dead end. Nonetheless, I sent an email to Natalia with my portfolio and got a response back to do an art test. In shock, I did the art test and got an interview, which landed me an internship!! I couldn’t believe it and sometimes to this day, I can’t believe it! How could I, a small-town girl that wasn’t good enough, get a chance to work at my dream place!? After my internship, I got hired and am now part of the team at Killmonday games doing what I love!

It’s hard to describe a 10-year-old art journey (and it still isn’t done). There is a lot going on, a lot of stress, tears, and hard work. Trying to navigate and find your own way is stressful, so don’t be your own enemy – slowly you will feel good enough!

Keep on creatively pushing forward.

Love, Angelika

Random Fact:

Been in KMG since: 2019
Title: Concept Artist
Favorite game: Fran Bow, SOMA, Crash 3, Spyro, Zelda, and Mario
Favorite program to work in: ClipStudio all the way (^3^)/
Favorite movie: Aliens, Star Wars, The Thing, Paprika, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sin City, and maaaany more! ( I LOVE movies! < 3)
Favorite food: Tricky.. I’m a foodie and love a lot! Depends on the mood, haha!
Working right now on: The new game! We haven’t yet announced it.


A concept artist is a designer who helps visualize the idea, mood of the game and create art surrounding characters, environments, nature, and other needed assets such as props, UI’s, etc. Concept artists often work with art directors, that usually bring the core ideas, and then the concept artist will create the art necessary so that modelers, animators, and VFX teams can have a clear guide, to make these ideas ready for production.

To enter Killmonday Games as an intern, you have to take a test. This was Angelika’s Concept Art test.