Hello darlings ❤ How are you? Hope you are well!

Since we launched Little Misfortune Demo last week, things have felt a little bit all over the place. The overwhelmingly positive response sent us up in the clouds for a while, but we had to climb down to the ground quite quickly again to take care of bugs and improve some details in the demo, with the help of your feedback.

Watch out for the doggy doo. 💩

After some intense days of ghost hunting and detective work, we’re finally done with the latest edition of the demo and it’s available to play on PC (Itch.io and Steam). We call it the “Killing Bugs Patch v.1.1; Haunted Edition”. Below you find the list of all the things we have fixed so far, but if you see something more, don’t hesitate to tell us!

• Deutsch misspelled as Deutch in Options/Language
• Subtitles are sometimes hard to read. Added a little bit more shadow to subtitles (Will probably go through some more iterations for the full game)
• Game is fully supported by Windows 7
• Problems with drop in framerate in “secret hiding spot”
• Activation of “pick up the coloring book question” when using the [right arrow] key to advance thru Misfortune’s diary in the “secret hiding spot”.
• PostFx checkbox doesn’t always keep setting when scenes change. 
• Made subtitles centered for easier reading
• Vase puzzle has a larger area to grab and snap, and with more visual cues to when you can pick a piece up.
• Fixed overlapping menu text elements in all languages.
• V-sync and PostFX are ON by default.
• Close button “Close [X]” shows correct translation now. 
• V-sync remembers if it was on/off when closing the game
• Made the Choice text less Bold.
• Art improvements for the vase puzzle when completed.
• Intro video changed to WebM format for better performance.
• Rare occasions made the game not return to normal speed after making a choice.
• UI art improvements.
• Performance fixes for the backyard.

Besides working with the Haunted Edition List, we have also been working on getting the demo on mobiles and Switch, which many have been asking for. We hope to get that ready as soon as possible, and we’ll be sure to tell you when that happens!

Our unlucky bird, Misfortune, creates troubles wherever she goes.

That’s it for the demo – now we have other exciting news to tell you! In June this year a conference called NarraScope will take place on MIT campus in Boston. Narrascope is a new games conference that support interactive narrative, adventure games and interactive fiction and they bring together writers, developers and players.

We are super eager to announce that our very own Natalia Martinsson – co-founder of Killmonday Games and creator of Fran Bow and Little Misfortune – will be the keynote speaker of the conference!

If you have a chance to join the conference and drop by Natalia’s first game design talk, you find the link to their website here with more information. Congratulations, Natalia! We’re so proud of you ❤

That’s all we had to say for now. We are grateful as always for your support and sweet words. Lately we have been receiving a lot of fan art of our lady Misfortune, and we’ve shared a few below. Super cool and inspiring! Thank you!

Little Misfortune Cosplay by annycosplay.
Enjoying the sunlight. Fan art by Astreodea.
Yikes forever! By Eddaus.
Misfortune’s sweet day dreams! By Artsi Wych.

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week and weekend!

Love and sparkles to you all! ❤

/Killmonday Team

Oh, and a little reminder… We recently reached over 10 000 subscribers on our Youtube channel! Can’t believe it. We recently released a Character Trailer for Little Misfortune. Check it out below!