For a long time, many of you have asked if we ever are going to do figurines of Fran Bow! And now this dream could become a reality! 🍾🎀
As we previously worked with Makeship on a couple of plushies,🧸 we got an opportunity to run this petition, to see if we, together with you guys, could make a vinyl figure happen. 💃

But before we can start
, we need 500 people to pledge for the Fran Bow figurine in order to get the design and production going! 💪




  • During this week (7 days) starting today 13 Nov 2023 20:00 CET we will have a petition for the vinyl figure HERE. If you would like a vinyl figure of Fran Bow you can pledge for the petition. 
  • One pledge is $2 USD and we need 500 for the petition to be a success. You can pledge up to 5 times, meaning 5 x $2 USD
  • If the petition fails, you will get the money you pledged back. 
  • When you pledge you will also need to pre-authorize a future payment for the vinyl figure, note that the total amount of times you pledge equals the amount of figures you will buy when the campaign launches. (See example down below)


  • If we reach the petition goal after these 7 days. We will start the design process of the vinyl figure. 
  • When the design process is done a campaign (like the plushie campaigns) will launch on Makeship. The new vinyl figure campaign will launch fully funded.
  • When the vinyl figure campaign launches we will announce it on our social media and in our newsletter. 
  • If you have pledged the vinyl figure during the petition phase, you will now be charged the retail price ($ 29.99 USD + shipping and tax fees) on the same day the vinyl figure campaign goes live on Makeship!  You will also get the petition deposit as a discount on your order. 

You have made 3 pledges during the petition phase (3 x $2 USD = $6 USD) you will then be charged for 3 pieces of the Vinyl figure when the campaign launches at Makeship. (3 x $29,99 USD + shipping and tax fees) but also get a discount of $2 USD for each figure on your order which is the Petition Deposit you previously made. 

We hope this opportunity sounds as exciting for you as it is for us!🥳🎀Let’s make this happen!💪🍾

Lots of Hugs 🤗
Killmonday Games